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National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine

HomeNewsOrganization of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine31.07.2015, 12:19

During the last day there was the maximum quantity of attacks at Ukrainian positions for the past month, – NSDC press service

During the last day there were 105 shellings of Ukrainian positions by Russian-terrorist groupings with the use of prohibited heavy-calibre artillery systems, as a consequence two military were killed, five - got wounded. This is the maximal number of attacks since the beginning of the month.

We would like to draw attention of international observers and official representatives of OSCE to a rapid increasing of quantity of shellings with the use of prohibited artillery systems of Ukrainian positions and civilian quarters of the frontline towns, causing death of civilians.

Besides, a concentration of enemy military forces on dangerous vectors is being observed. At the territory of Crimean peninsula and at the eastern border with Ukraine the active tactical and interoperability training of assault units of Russian armed forces are being carried out.

All this indicates the deliberate "torpedoing" by the Russian Federation of peace agreements, formed on the grounds of the Minsk treaties.