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The situation in the Eastern regions of Ukraine 24.08.2014

  Consolidated data of the Information and Analytical Centre of the NSDC of Ukraine 12:00 - 24 august 2014


Today Ukraine celebrates the 23rd anniversary of its Independence. In his speech the President of Ukraine noted that developments of recent months became a real war for us though it hasn't been declared, probably, it will go down in history as Patriotic War 2014. Petro Poroshenko called it the war against foreign aggression, the war for Ukraine, for its freedom, dignity and glory, for the people and for Independence.

The Head of State emphasized that struggle for the victory became a nationwide movement, the case of everyone, and expressed his confidence that the battle for Ukraine, for its Independence will end up successfully for us due to the nationwide solidarity multiplied by courage and heroism of the Ukrainian warriors.

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko awarded the Order "For Courage" 3rd degree to the Ukrainian pilot, lieutenant of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Nadezhda Savchenko for the personal courage and heroism in the protection of the state sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, loyalty to the military oath and highly professional execution of duties.

We remind that at this time Nadezhda Savchenko is held in custody in the Russian city of Voronezh after the terrorists brought her to Russia in July. The President of Ukraine demands Russia to release Nadezhda Savchenko as well as all Ukrainian hostages who are currently illegally detained in Russia.

Military operations in the zone of conflict

Active offensive of the ATO forces successfully continues in the areas of settlements of Novosvitlivka, Hryashchuvate, Malomykolayivka, Illyria. The situation remains tense in the area of Stanichno-Luhanske where the terrorists have concentrated manpower and equipment and continue attempts to regain lost ground. The ATO forces destroyed a significant amount of the enemy's equipment and weapons during the past day.

Yesterday morning there was a combat engagement of the Ukrainian Border Guards and the National Guard units with the Russian mercenaries near the village Lysyche of Amvrosiyivka district in Donetsk region, 6 km from the border. The convoy of terrorists was moving from the border checkpoint "Uspenka" and consisted of two APCs, two "KamAZ" trucks and a passenger car. During the combat the Ukrainian military destroyed two "KamAZ" trucks. The rest of the convoy was forced to flee back to the Russian territory.

Near the settlement of Biloyarivka in Donetsk region the Ukrainian military struck an artillery attack on two convoys of armored vehicles of the Russian mercenaries which were moving from the Russian Federation unmarked toward the mound of Savur-Mohyla. The artillery fire scattered and partially destroyed the convoys of the terrorists.

The ATO forces 26 times entered into fire contact with terrorists in the areas of Luhansk, Luzhkiv, Chervona Polyana, Novoivanivka, Mar'yinka, Georgiyivka, Avdiyivka, Stanichno-Luhanske, Vesela Gora and Luhansk airport during the day.

The Russian military continue shelling of positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the territory of Russia. Yesterday from 11:10 to 11:20 border patrol of the Border Guards "Amvrosiyivka" department of the Donetsk detachment was shelled with mortars; at 11:10 strike of the three "Grad" multiple launch artillery systems from the area of the Russian village Maksimov destroyed the Ukrainian checkpoint in the area of Novoazovsk; at 12:30 from the direction of the village Shramko (Russia) to Ulyanivske (Ukraine) two "Grad" strikes at the Ukrainian settlement Amvrosiyivka were registered.

Shelling from Russia continued this night also. From 3:10 to 04:00 a systematic artillery fire from the Russian territory was conducted against the "Novoazovsk" checkpoint of the Donetsk border guards detachment; at 4:20 again from the direction of the village Shramko (Russia) to Ulyanivske (Ukraine) our border patrol was attacked with two shots from tank; in the morning, from 5:25 to 5:30 the Russians made 10 mortar rounds at the "Pobeda" department of the Ukrainian border guards nearby Amvrosiyivka.

Russia continues active aerial reconnaissance using unmanned aerial vehicles. Four Russian UAVs were detected flying over the area of "Mariupol" and "Novoazovsk" departments of Donetsk border guards detachment.

Russia continues to increase its military presence in the Rostov region. Russian military armored vehicles, guns and "Grad" systems were detected yesterday deployed in positions at a distance of 1.5 km from the Ukraine-Russia border opposite to the "Amvrosiyivka" border guards department of Donetsk detachment. Deployment of about 40 "Grad" systems, 20 "KamAZ" trucks and several tanks were also detected near the village Vasylievo-Hanzhonovka of Rostov region of Russia opposite to the "Novoazovsk" border guards department of Donetsk detachment.

It should be pointed out that within the framework of the OSCE Vienna Document of the Negotiations on Confidence and Security-Building Measures, adopted in 2011, the Ukrainian side has repeatedly asked the Russian Federation to provide clarification on the inadmissibility of the accumulation of military forces groups near by the state border of Ukraine and also on driving destabilizing activities in places their normal peacetime dislocations. However, Russia obviously ignores these requests and cynically answers the following - quote from the document:

"Russian Federation Armed Forces took no unusual or non-planned activity (which could be within the frame of Vienna document) close to border of Ukraine. ...Units and subdivisions of the Armed Forces of Russia are situated in their usual dislocation places, engaged in usual activity and military training in accordance with the plans of the Russian Federation Armed Forces trainings".

The situation in the conflict zone localities

In Stakhanov, Alchevsk Perevalsk, Zorynsk, Maloivanivka, Gorodysche terrorists continue to destroy infrastructure, that results in breakdown of electricity, water supply and food providing. In Gorlivka situation remains very tense. According to current information the significant increase in the number of Russian mercenaries, including so-called "kadyrivtsi", is evidenced. Also, in cities that temporarily controlled by terrorists, armed militants organized patrols, stop and frisk, check documents of ordinary citizens.

In Dobropillya three locals received shrapnel wounds during terrorists shelling. Currently they are hospitalized.

In Lugansk terrorists almost destroyed the entire infrastructure of the city and continue residential areas shelling. During the past day it were injured 68 civilians in Lugansk. There is no electricity and water in the housings of local residents, also is absent mobile or wired telephone connection. Representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross, who arrived in Lugansk, stated that in difficult humanitarian situation in the city is difficult.

State Treasury Service of Ukraine resumed its work in 13 cities and districts of Luhansk region due to the efforts of specialists of Lugansk branch of "Ukrtelecom" and Luhansk Regional State Administration. Thus, on the August 26-27 in these areas it will be resumed funding of the salaries of public sector employees, the costs of medicines and food and energy budget organizations. Also resumes its functioning General Directorate of State Treasury in Lugansk region, which on July 31 was relocated in Svatove, liberated from the terrorists city. For this reason it will be continued financing of 232 regional budget institutions of medicine, education, culture, social protection and also it will be renewed social benefits, subventions, subsidies from the state budget. Now it restored provision of treasury services in Lysychansk, Rubezhnoye, Siverodonetsk and in Bilovodskyy, Bilokurakynsky, Kreminsky, Markivksky, Melovsky, Novopskovsky, Novoydarsky, Svatovsky, Troitsky districts. Ukrainian state authorities and local regional state administration shall take all feasible measures to ensure social benefits, pensions and salaries of citizens who lives in the ATO area.

International support for Ukraine

Yesterday, during a meeting in Kiev with President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko German Chancellor Angela Merkel stated that Germany does not recognize the annexation of the Crimea. German Chancellor noted that the annexation of the Crimea occurred in violation of the territorial integrity of Europe "If we recognize it, this could happen in Europe. In this case it will affect not only Ukraine, but also every European country may have a claim to some areas that would disrupt peaceful coexistence. Our next step is to save Donetsk and Luhansk." Angela Merkel asserted that fully supports the peace plan President Poroshenko and noted the importance of achieving a cease-fire on both sides and also the establishment of effective control over the state border.

The President of the United States Barack Obama send his congratulations with the Independence Day of Ukraine. He noted that the United States is a partner of Ukraine and her friend. President Obama said that the United States strongly supports the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and its right to choose its own future, value their friendship with the people of Ukraine and hopes to continue cooperation with our country.


Dead and wounded as of 09:00, August 24

All along ATO:
- Dead - 722
- Wounded - 2625

The last day:
- Killed - 5
- Wounded - 8