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HomeNewsOrganization of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine20.08.2014, 12:27

The situation in the Eastern regions of Ukraine 20.08.2014

Consolidated data of the Information and Analytical Centre of the NSDC of Ukraine 17:00 - 20 august 2014

Military operations in the zone of conflict

The Ukrainian troops continue an offensive operation aim of which is to disconnect Donetsk from Gorlivka to stop the supply of military equipment and fresh forces. Battle actions proceed now in the districts of Іllovaisk, Yasynovata, Donetsk, Luhansk and Savur-Mogyla. Forces of anti-terror operation (АТО) try to insulate Izvaryne, Krasnodon, Kolpakovo, Shakhtarsk, Krasnyi Luch and other settlements located along the river Siverskyi Donets.

The traffic of separate groups of terrorists to Luhansk during the last two days was detected exactly from there. Battle actions in the cities of Luhansk and Donetsk became difficult for the Ukrainian troops because of heavy armament use by terrorists.

In Luhansk Chechen nationality mercenaries continued shelling the city with multiple artillery rocket systems "Grad" set in the eastern neighborhoods. However, a large part of the city has passed under the control of the ATO troops.

Simultaneously Ukrainian military divisions carried out raids in the direction Illovaysk-Zuhres (Donetsk region). During the day, ATO forces entered into fire contact with the terrorists in the areas of Luzhky, Sontseve, Karpovo-Nadyezhdovka, Avdiyivka, Sabivka and Shevchenko.

The situation in the conflict zone localities

In Luhansk the water supply can not be restored because of damage to water distribution networks in the city. The Armed Forces of Ukraine were involved in the recovery of Western filtration plant units. However, it is still impossible to conduct repair works due to active fighting in the city.

More than 40% of rail stations in Luhansk area are without internal rail service, including the regional center. Also communication with the Donetsk railway managing department is absent.

On the Sea of Azov coast (Donetsk Region) National Guard organized a support truck convoys for children who are leaving the combat zone going to recreation facilities along the coast. Only in the last days 25 convoys left accompanied by soldiers.

From this day in Artemivsk, Gorlivka, Debaltsevo (Donetsk region) the telephone connection was restored. The Internet connection is in service in Gorlivka, Snizhne, Yenakievo, Kirov, Kostyantynivka, Torez, Shahtarsk and Amvrosievka. This became possible due to the restoration of electricity supply on the regenerative station in Yenakievo (Donetsk region).

Almost 100 thousand civilians, including more than 34 thousand of children were relocated from the ATO-area to other regions of Ukraine. Over the past day 3 thousand 292 persons left the war zone. Over 116 thousand persons including migrants from Crimea were temporarily placed in other areas of Ukraine.

Most migrants were taken to Kyiv - 20 796 persons, Dnipropetrovsk Region - 13 969 persons, Zaporizhya -13 660 persons, Kharkiv - 13 408 persons and Odessa region - 7 798 persons.

We also remind that at the areas bordering the ATO-zone there are 6 transfer stations for internally displaced persons with a capacity of 200-400 persons each.

In the Donetsk region: near the cities of Krasnoarmiysk, Volnovakha and Mariupol.

In the Lugansk region: near the cities of Svatove and Shchastya.

In the Dnipropetrovsk region: near the village of Orly (Pokrovsky district).

Currently 202 persons are located in these transfer stations, including 54 children. They are provided with respective conveniences. The issue of their further transportation is in progress.

Within 24 hours 117 persons used the transfer station near the city of Shchastya, 299 people used the transfer station at the village of Orly.


  Military operations in the zone of conflict

Forces of anti-terror operation (АТО) continue to attack positions of terrorists. Fights for liberation from the Russian mercenaries of Donetsk, Luhansk, Іllovaisk, Krasnyi Luch, Shakhtarsk, Тorez, Snizhne, Zugress, Gorlivka, Stanichno-Luhanske are continuing.

Subdivisions of the Armed forces of Ukraine continue the operation aimed to take control over Blagodatne (Амvrosiyvka district) and also conduct operative actions in Yasinovata and Zhdanivka. An operation for liberation of Іllovaisk (Donetsk region) from terrorists proceeds. The Ukrainian forces control all the town now. Our forces repelled three counter-attacks of terrorists who used heavy armor and artillery.

Ukrainian military retain the defense of the mound Savur-Mogyla, the "Donetsk" airport and also prevent penetration of the illegal armed groups and diversionary-reconnaissance groups from the territory of the Russian Federation.

During the last twenty-four hours forces of the АТО 32 times entered into a fire contact with terrorists, in particular around settlements of Кrasnogirkа, Debaltseve, Іllovaisk, Sabivkа, Кuteinykove, Luzhky, Donetsk, Vesela Gora, Vergunskiy roz'isd, Stanichno-Luhanske, Mayorske, Frunze, Petrivske and the "Donetsk" airport.

Shelling of the Ukrainian positions from Russia continued. In particular, yesterday at 11:50 the Russians shelled Amvrosiyivka (Donetsk region) from the area of the Russian village Selezneve (Rostov region).

The activity of the Russian reconnaissance at Sea of Azov seashore has been maintained. State Border Service of Ukraine has recorded a provocation by Russia in the area yesterday. At 11:30 in the vicinity of the settlement Sedov 3 'Mongoose' boats of the Border Coast Guard Service of the FSB of Russia were detected, moving in the direction of Mariupol. After being warned of fire opening boats returned to the territorial waters of Russia.

During the last day Ukrainian Border Service Officers detected 2 Russian UAVs in the Donetsk region near Sedov village and another in the Kherson region moving towards Chaplynka village from the territory of the temporarily occupied Crimea.

During the August 19 Ukrainian border guards and customs officers didn't manage to begin procedures for the Russian humanitarian cargo clearance. At the moment Ukrainian side did not receive cargo contents documentation. State Border Service of Ukraine obtained from the International Committee of the Red Cross Mission in Ukraine only a list of delegates who will accompany the cargo of humanitarian aid through the Ukrainian-Russian border. Representatives of the ICRC declared that they have not received security guarantees for the members of the Mission advance team.


The situation in the conflict zone localities

Terrorists continue to bombard civilians in temporarily controlled areas. In particular, they did 8 rounds at Olenivka village (Donetsk region) from multiple artillery rocket systems "Grad" transferred from Russia. Explosions destroyed several homes and outbuildings.

In Makiyivka (Donetsk region) terrorists fired at residential areas and industrial facilities, there are casualties among the civilian population. Due to the combat activities in the village Nyzhnya Krynka (Makiyivka City Council) "Yasynivka-Deep" coal-mine was disconnected from the power supply which led to its flooding. Militants of the "DNR" terrorist group dug a trench in the middle of the residential area in Makiyivka. However, local residents opposed their city being used as a battlefield.

Terrorists kidnapped 22 people in the Donetsk region during the last day. Overall there are 1026 abducted persons since April. As of today 558 persons were released, the fate of 468 persons remains unknown. Fortunately, the information about the kidnapping of three civilians in Kharkiv on August 17 was not confirmed.

Terrorists mined the perimeter of the "Victoria" coal-mine in Shakhtarsk and the bypass road in Yasynuvata which exits towards Chervonograd district.

Shelling by the terrorists damaged the low-pressure gas pipeline in the Chornuhyne village (Perevalsk district), the base-stations tower of the "Kyivstar" and "MTS" mobile operators in Krasnodon district, one of the power lines of the Luhansk thermoelectric power plant in the town of Shchastya and "Antratsytvuhleremont" plant facilities.

The situation in Donetsk remains difficult. The activities on recovery of electric and gas networks damaged by terrorists are conducted in the city. The technicians of "Donetskmiskgaz" restore the damaged high pressure pipeline in the Leninsky district. 19 apartments, 425 houses and 23 private sector industrial enterprises are still without a gas supply in Donetsk now. As a result of complete or partial destruction of flats and houses caused by the Russian mercenaries 68 subscribers cannot be connected to the gas supply. Emergency crews of power supply companies are working in Petrovsky and Kuibyshev districts.

On August 19 electricity supply was restored in houses with 330 thousand inhabitants in five cities and towns of Donetsk region. 420 power engineers of 150 power engineering teams using 136 special equipment vehicles participated in the power supply recovery in the Donetsk region. These were the most extensive reconstruction activities since the beginning of hostilities.

"Donetskoblenergo" power supply company repaired 110 kW power line Chaykino-Yasynuvata and powered Verkhnyo-Kalmiuska pump filtration plant that provides water to the city of Donetsk. Restoration works were carried out in a "green corridor" regime.


International Support for Ukraine

US Department of State deputy spokesperson Marie Harf condemned the destruction by the terrorists of a convoy of refugees who tried to leave the combat zone in the Luhansk region on August 18. She expressed condolences to the relatives of the victims and called on all parties to make efforts to avoid civilian casualties.

In addition, Marie Harf positively assessed a plan to hold a multilateral meeting in Minsk, involving the Presidents of Ukraine and Russia. At the same time she pointed out that Moscow would have to confirm its statements on de-escalation of the Ukrainian crisis by actions.

And some positive news in conclusion. As it was previously informed, a number of fake clone pages of the ATO Press Center had been registered to spread distorted information about the situation in the East of Ukraine. Now our original page has been officially confirmed by Facebook and now has a special tag. We kindly ask all the network users to pay attention to it.