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Andrii Kononenko: Global sanctions policy on russia needs to be improved

photo_3_25062024.jpgThe sanctions policy on russia, aimed at limiting its economic and political power through aggressive actions, in particular in Ukraine, needs to be improved. This was emphasised by Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine Andrii Kononenko during the third International Forum of the Crimean Platform Expert Network.

The Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine highlighted two key aspects that should be taken into account in such a policy: focusing on making it more difficult for russia to produce missiles, bombs and UAVs, and limiting the capabilities of the Russian economy.

photo_2_25062024.jpg"First, we should focus on reducing russia's ability to produce and use missiles, bombs and UAVs that strike Ukrainian territory. Second, we need to limit the overall capabilities of the russian economy. Therefore, we should work on this track in a coordinated manner, keep providong the verified information, convincing our allies of the need for certain steps", - said Andrii Kononenko.

photo_1_25062024.jpgIn this regard, he underlined the importance of participation in the forum of representatives of Ukrainian state authorities, international think tanks, independent experts, NGOs, etc., who will synergistically formulate recommendations for the government of Ukraine and partner countries to increase pressure on russia to prevent the aggressor from continuing the war in Ukraine.