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For the first time, Ukraine took part in the European cyber exercise Cyber Europe

16.06.17.jpegFor the first time, Ukraine took part in the European cyber exercise Cyber Europe. The main topic of the exercise was preparedness for large-scale cyber attacks on the EU energy infrastructure.

The two-day intensive programme, prepared by ENISA, brought together more than 1,000 top public and private sector experts from 30 countries. Cyber Europe is a two-day ENISA exercise that takes place every year.

16.06.25.jpegThe event simulates large-scale cyber incidents that escalate into a crisis affecting the entire European Union.

16.06.11.jpegDuring these exercises, participants have the opportunity to analyse cybersecurity incidents, work out complex business continuity and crisis management situations that require coordination and cooperation at various levels - from local to EU level.

Representatives of the NCCC, together with the US CISA, participated in these exercises as observers. As a result of the visit to Athens, an agreement was reached to deepen cooperation with ENISA, including Ukraine's involvement in scenario development, planning and participation in Cyber Europe 2026.