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HomeNewsOrganization of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine29.05.2023, 15:43

Ukrainian delegation as a member of the CCDCOE took part in the meeting of the Center's Steering Committee for the first time

The Ukrainian delegation took part in a meeting of the Steering Committee of the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defense Center of Excellence (CCDCOE), which took place on May 29, 2023 in Tallinn.

On May 16, 2023, Ukraine became a full member of the CCDCOE with the status of a contributing country. Ukraine's accession to the Center is a significant achievement for our country in terms of strengthening international cooperation in the field of cybersecurity and cyber defense.

The head of the Ukrainian delegation, Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Serhiy Demedyuk, noted that raising the flag of Ukraine at the CCDCOE was an important step for our country on its way to joining NATO.

"Ukraine, which has been forced to defend its independence and fight the terrorist country on all fronts for more than eight years, has shown a high level of resilience in cyberspace. However, Russian hackers are a threat not only to our country but also to the entire world. To ensure international security and the fundamental values of the entire democratic world, we must unite and stand together against a common enemy," Serhiy Demedyuk said.

The Deputy Secretary of the NSDС also thanked the members of the Steering Committee for their support of Ukraine, noting that the CCDCOE has demonstrated unity in the issue of our country's accession to the Center.