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Main international and Ukrainian news in the field of cyber security for March 2023

In March, the new US National Cyber Security Strategy was published. The document defines 5 main (strategic) areas of US interest, among which are the security of critical infrastructure, the fight against ransomware by all possible means, and more attention to the education of cyber specialists.

The modification of the EU's own legislation in the field of cyber security is ongoing in order to create a safer European cyberspace. The main debate revolves around the norms of the future law on cyber resilience.

Ukraine is developing international cooperation to jointly counter cyber threats. In March, cooperation between Ukrainian state bodies and international companies was established. For example, the Australian organization "Internet 2.0" has been involved in cooperation, and there is a dialogue with European analytical centers (Lisbon Council). In addition, in cooperation with the law enforcement officers of Germany, the Netherlands, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and with the support of Europol, a member of the hacker group involved in the functioning of the DoppelPaymer ransomware was exposed.

Ukrainian specialists from the State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine continue to monitor trends in russian cyber threats. The report russia's Cyber Tactics: Lessons Learned 2022, which summarizes Ukraine's experience in countering russian aggression in cyberspace during 2022, has been published. The authors of the report investigated the main groups, their motivations, methods and tools of attacks.

The US Armed Forces are building up cyber potential and capabilities: launching training programs for their own programmers, creating manuals for the implementation of certain zero trust policies, and deploying response teams around the world.

Ukraine is also strengthening its own current and future resilience to cyber threats. Ukrainian specialists won prizes in international competitions (NATO TIDE Hackathon 2023). Cyber police officers and other cyber specialists are constantly improving their qualifications, and cooperation with higher educational institutions of Ukraine is deepening.

russian hackers are waging a campaign against Ukraine's allies in a global cyber war. CISA warned about the threat of using Royal ransomware against OKI in the USA, russian hacker groups are testing new attack techniques, intensifying cyberattacks against hospitals, attacking European structures and social media accounts of government officials.

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