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Natalia Tkachuk: The "Cyberdzura" project prepares future information security specialists of our country

Specialists of the Staff of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine took part in an online meeting on the topic: "Cyberjura: approaches to pre-conscription training of young people in the conditions of modern war."

The event was a continuation of the discussions from November 2021 in the NCCC under the NSDC and July 2022 in the NSDC Staff.

During the discussion, experts of the NSDC Staff, representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, representatives of regional military administrations and education management bodies of local self-government bodies, heads of regional organizations and institutions engaged in national-patriotic education, local history and student youth tourism, emphasized the importance of implementing a new model of national-patriotic education of youth through career guidance in the field of modern information and communication technologies.

Head of the Information Security and Cybersecurity Service of the Staff of NSDC of Ukraine, the NCSCC Secretary Natalia Tkachuk emphasized that the "Cyberdzura" project contributes to the formation of not only patriotic qualities, but also prepares future experts in the cyber sphere and information security.

"It is important for us to build an effective information security system and a national cyber security system. As the NCSCC Secretary, I note that this is a key task both for our center and for all subjects of the security and defense sector, state bodies responsible for cyber security and information security. And the main thing in this system is personnel potential. Whatever the technical capabilities, donor aid, regulatory acts, and tried-and-tested cyber defense procedures, if there are no professionals and patriots, then this system is worthless. And personnel training should start from adolescence. That is why, thanks to the "Cyberjura" project, we can prepare personnel potential not only for the security and defense sector, but also for the country as a whole," Natalia Tkachuk emphasized.

At the same time, the vice-president of the International Academy of Geoinformatics, Ivan Galenko, emphasized that the "Cyberdzura" project contributes to the development of the creative abilities of young people. "In the pre-conscription training of young people, it is important to encourage children to form their own picture through creativity, creating projects according to certain algorithms, so that the child does not consume a product generated by someone unknown, but approaches information critically," he noted.

The participants of the meeting supported the proposal of the International Academy of Geoinformatics to hold the "Cyberjura-Kruty" conference at the end of January this year with the participation of representatives of military lyceums and lyceums with enhanced military physical training, as well as military higher educational institutions.