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National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine

HomeNewsOrganization of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine11.02.2022, 22:27

Oleksiy Danilov informed about the results of the NSDC meeting

Chaired by President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy, a meeting of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine was held in Kharkiv on Friday to discuss the issue of ensuring national security from internal and external threats.

As Secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov said at the briefing after the meeting, this issue was considered in secret. Representatives of the intelligence community, the military presented reports; a separate report was presented by Head of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine Serhiy Deyneko.

Also, according to him, the issue of risks to Ukrainian shipping due to Russia’s blocking of areas in the Black and Azov Seas under the pretext of conducting naval exercises was considered separately. Representatives of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine, the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, and the Commander of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Rear Admiral Oleksiy Neizhpapa made reports. “We clearly understand what is happening near our borders”, - Mr. Danilov said.

The NSDC Secretary informed that the issue of receiving international military-technical and financial assistance to Ukraine was also considered in secret.

“We have examined the report about who, when, which countries and what assistance was provided to us, since almost 2014. – he said. - You know that now Ukraine receives assistance from our partners almost every day. As of today, we have received 25 aircraft with such assistance”.

Mr. Danilov reported that the members of the Council also heard information from Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny, Head of the Security Service of Ukraine Ivan Bakanov, and heads of regional state administrations on the implementation of the Law of Ukraine “On the Fundamentals of National Resistance” in terms of forming units of territorial defense forces.

According to him, a protocol decision was made on the need for the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, security and defense sector bodies, local authorities to take measures to implement this law in full scope and promptly.

“The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces has set a task that the number of members of the territorial defense should reach 2 million citizens of our country – those who will be ready to defend Ukraine if necessary”, - Mr. Danilov stressed.

The NSDC of Ukraine also approved the Maritime Security Strategy of Ukraine. According to the Council’s Secretary, such a draft strategic document in the field of maritime security, which is planned to be approved by the Presidential Decree, was developed in Ukraine for the first time.

The NSDC of Ukraine also decided to send Ukraine’s national personnel to participate in the NATO mission in the Republic of Iraq. “We will send a small contingent there to perform tasks not related to the military component”, - Mr. Danilov said.

Moreover, the meeting considered the application and amendment of personal special economic and other restrictive measures (sanctions). Governor of the National Bank of Ukraine Kyrylo Shevchenko and Head of the Security Service of Ukraine Ivan Bakanov reported on this.

In particular, due to the fact that Liberton Star construction company, which is already under Ukrainian sanctions, changed its place of registration from Odesa to Kyiv, the sanctions were applied to it again.

In addition, the NSDC imposed sanctions for a period of five years against Vytryna TV company registered in Moscow. It is a company that provides services for broadcasting Russian TV channels blocked in Ukraine.

Sanctions were also imposed against Nasha Praga LLC (Maxi-TV), Nash 24 LLC, Nash 365 LLC (Nash TV channel), and the Cypriot Demosena Investments LTD, which owns all these companies.

The NSDC Secretary also said that pursuant to the instruction of the President, meetings of the NSDC of Ukraine will be held in various regions of Ukraine, in particular, to address the issues of concern to the regions, directly on the ground.