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National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine
HomeNewsOrganization of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine14.03.2019, 08:34

Greetings of Secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov on the occasion of the Day of the Ukrainian Volunteer Fighter

Dear soldiers-volunteers, glorious sons and daughters of Ukraine! I sincerely congratulate on the holiday!

The events of 2014 have become the most dramatic and dangerous trials for our country. Taking advantage of the betrayal of puppets that escaped from the country after the Revolution of Dignity, the collapse of power, the terrible economic crisis and the deliberate years-long destruction of the Armed Forces and the entire security and defense sector, Ukraine was attacked by a powerful and violent enemy.

Time was needed to restore the Armed Forces of Ukraine, provide weapons and equipment, clothing and food. But we did not have this time, as the Russian aggressor, occupying the Crimea, unleashed a war in Donbas. The enemy knew the detailed situation prevailing in our state and therefore acted cynically and arrogantly.

I had no other choice as to turn to the true patriots of Ukraine with a request not to expect subpoenas, not to wait for the restoration, provision and shakedown of the Armed Forces but to go and defend the country as volunteers.

Thus began the formation of volunteer battalions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the National Guard, and territorial defense. Volunteers with small arms, with their own clothes instead of a uniform, without combat training but with big hearts and responsibility before the country, went to the East and stopped a much stronger enemy at the cost of their blood and their own lives.

Volunteer battalions, having taken on the first blow, gave us the opportunity to mobilize, prepare and equip the army, form the National Guard, and suppress the separatist rebellions organized by Russia's special services in the South and East of Ukraine.

Eternal memory and honor to the heroes who died for the Homeland!

The enemy, who hoped for an easy triumph, played the wrong card and lost! His offensive was stopped by the best sons and daughters of the Ukrainian people! It was in those decisive times for the state when a large-scale volunteer movement had risen, an invincible, unconquerable Ukrainian nation had been formed that proved to the whole world that Ukraine is capable of defending itself!

The volunteer movement has forever entered the history of the heroic struggle and victory of Ukraine, it will always be a confirmation of the power and invincibility of our state and its people!

Happy holiday, heroes!

May God save you, your families and our Ukraine!

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Heroes!