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National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine

HomeNewsOrganization of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine26.02.2019, 13:56

Oleg Hladkovskiy appealed to NABU and the Prosecutor’s General Office of Ukraine to verify the “facts” referred to in the investigation of the “Nashi Hroshi” (“Our Money”) program

The text of Mr. Hladkovskiy's statement.

"Due to the investigation of the "Nashi Hroshi" program published on Monday night, I declare the following.

The investigation, as most materials of this genre, contains references exclusively to anonymous sources; it consists of a compilation of well-known facts and dirty fakes. However, it does not add credibility to the story. In general, I categorically reject all allegations made in the so-called investigation.

But since it has drawn a significant social response, we are all interested in setting the record straight and protecting the reputation of people who, in an extremely critical situation of 2014-2015, resolved urgent, vital and critical issues of restoring combat effectiveness of the army.

Therefore, in order to prevent any insinuations, I appeal to the Chief Military Prosecutor's Office and the NABU with a statement regarding the speedy verification of all the facts set out in the "investigation" and to provide answers to the whole society and me personally.

During the verification of the facts set out in the so-called investigation by the law enforcement agencies, I request that my powers of the First Deputy to the Secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine and the Chairman of the Interdepartmental Commission for Military-Technical Cooperation Policy and Export Control shall be suspended. I file the relevant applications immediately.

Law enforcement agencies, on their own initiative, and our appeals, investigate numerous allegations of corruption and other financial violations in the defense sector. No one has ever hidden them in the drawer, and we take the garbage out from the house with our own hands. The actual facts of violations should be promptly investigated and transferred to the court. And in the case of a lie, people should be cleared of suspicious promptly in order not to sully their good name.

At the same time, I believe that law enforcement agencies must carefully study not only the actions of those who restored the army but also those who had destroyed and plundered it until 2014. This refers to the unjustified reduction of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the plunder of the army lands, selling weapons and military equipment for a song, and the actual destruction of the army's combat effectiveness on the eve of Russian aggression.

The names of the heroes who are involved in this are known. This is former defense minister and chairman of the parliamentary defense committee Anatoliy Hrytsenko - one of the main profiteers of the Army. This is former prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko who signed the relevant government decrees that gave the green light for the destruction of the country's defense potential, and today, covering up her own traces makes false statements. These people had driven the security and defense sector to the wall when, in 2014, we had to look for non-traditional ways to provide the army with weapons and properly operating equipment. History will set things straight.

Oleg Hladkovskiy".