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National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine

HomeNewsOrganization of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine06.12.2018, 07:38

Greetings of Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov on the occasion of the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Dear warriors and veterans of the Armed Forces of Ukraine!

 I sincerely congratulate on the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine everyone who dedicated their lives to the military service, to strengthening defense capability and enhancing the security of our state.

Ukrainians are proud of their knights-defenders who have hindered the plans of the Kremlin to ruin our country. Thanks to each of you, the Ukrainian Army has reborn from the ashes and is now able to rebuff any provocation of the aggressor, having taken a worthy place among the most powerful armies in the world.

Heroism, invincibility, bravery, impeccable performance by the Ukrainian military of their constitutional duty have already become a legend. The combat experience of our army is studied by the leading countries on all continents.

The courage and bravery demonstrated by the soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces during peacekeeping operations and resisting the Kremlin aggression gained the Ukrainian army respect and appreciation in the world.

We bow our heads and pay our deepest respect to all those who gave their lives for the freedom of their native land. Our duty is to remember the courage, heroism, respect for the native land of the fallen grandparents, parents and brother forever, preserving our historical heritage.

The reform and development of the Armed Forces is a state priority. Our task is to increase, in accordance with NATO standards, the forces and means necessary to protect the country and restore its territorial integrity.

No modern army can win without courageous warriors and experienced commanders capable of understanding new tasks and ensuring their implementation. In recent years a new generation of professional military servicemen, commanders hardened in battles, who increase the military glory of Ukraine, has appeared.

The state will further take care of the implementation of social guarantees for servicemen, first of all, increase their monetary support, which is necessary to maintain the professional core of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

May sincere love for Ukraine, the glorious feats of our compatriots, people's respect, calling and oath inspire you for new achievements in the noble cause of service to our native people.

I wish you all the good, happiness and peace to you and your families, dear warriors and veterans! May peace in your families and the entire Ukrainian people be under your reliable protection.

May God bless and protect you, your families, and our Ukraine!

Glory to Ukraine!