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Oleksandr Turchynov: National Coordination Centre of Cybersecurity should mobilize all available capacities to provide reliable Cyber-defense of our country

It was held the session of the National Coordination Center of Cybersecurity under the chairmanship of the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov. During the meeting with the participation of the leaders of the Defense Ministry, the General Staff, the Security Service, the State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection, the Foreign Intelligence Service, the General Intelligence Department of Defense Ministry, Department of Intelligence of the State Border Security Service, National Police, Ministry of Justice and the National Bank Ukraine, whose jurisdiction includes cybersecurity issues it were defined first priority responses to cyberthreads.

According to O.Turchynov, analysis of coming in the NSDC of Ukraine materials from the intelligence agencies, the Security Service of Ukraine, State Service of Special Communication and Information Protection, "gives reasons to believe that the Russian Federation has been actively conducting the aggressive policy not only at the front in eastern Ukraine, but also in cyberspace, which is part of "hybrid" war against our country."

"It is updated other cyber threats, including cybercrime increasing and cyberspying activation," - he said. At the same time Ukraine's NSDC Secretary said that the recently adopted Strategy for Cybersecurity Ukraine goaled to resolve most of these problems.

Therefore, according to O.Turchynov, National Coordination Center of Cybersecurity should become the complex-creating element of the whole cybersecurity and cyberdefense system of Ukraine. "The Center includes representatives of key state agencies who are responsible for the entire spectrum of combating a wide combination of cyber threats," - he said.

O.Turchynov stressed the importance of implementation of the clear specialization of governmental subjects of the cyber security provision.

"In the short term we need to review the available forces, means and opportunities of increasing the potential of relevant state bodies reaction. It has to be clearly worked out the mechanism of interaction and information sharing among cyber security subjects in case of cyberattacks and cyberspying"- he added.

Summing up, Ukraine's NSDC Secretary stressed that in the framework of the Centre, "it should be built strict vertical of control and coordination in the field of cybersecurity." "Special attention will be paid to the process of information processing, development of effective mechanisms for rapid response to threats," - he said, adding, that every challenge that comes from cyberspace, "must get active and asymmetrical response".