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National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine

HomeNewsOrganization of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine27.01.2016, 19:34

National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine considered the State Defense Order for 2016, the new military-administrative division of the territory of Ukraine and Cybersecurity Strategy

NSDC of Ukraine at the meeting on Wednesday considered the main directions of the State Defense Order for 2016 and identified as a priority in the State Defense Order the drafting and production of new samples of military equipment and weapons, the development of the domestic Defense-Industrial Complex, providing of a reliable level of defense capability of our country.

NSDC of Ukraine instructed the Government till February 5, 2016 to provide improvement and approval of the Resolution of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine "On State Defense Order for 2016" with the consideration to expenditures, budgeted for this year.

Moreover, the Government was instructed to finalize and approve before the 29th of February "State target defense program on weapons and military equipment development for the period till 2020" and "State program of reforming and developing the Defense-Industrial Complex for the period till 2020".

NSDC members approved the new military-administrative division of the territory of Ukraine, which regulates the delimitation of the state territory onto military and administrative areas in the interest of providing the defense of the state. Military-administrative division determines the territorial allocation of responsibility and authority of the bodies of military command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the sphere of defense of the state on land, in the air and on the sea.

Furthermore, the Cybersecurity Strategy for Ukraine was adopted as a basis at the meeting with a consideration to the challenges, our state faces: the aggressive actions of the Russian Federation, amplification of tendencies of cyberspace usage by intelligence and special military structures, as well as by terrorists and criminals.

Cybersecurity Strategy envisages the development of the national system of providing the cyberspace protection, timely detection and neutralization of cyber threats as well as their prevention, having regard to the practice of leading member states of NATO and the EU.

Also, the Strategy refers to coordination, interaction and allocation of authority and responsibility of the security and defense bodies of Ukraine in matters of cyber security, cyber protection and countering cyber terrorism and cybercrime.