The National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine is the coordinating body in matters pertaining
to national security and defense under the President of Ukraine. The National Security and Defense
Council of Ukraine shall coordinate and supervise the activities of organs of executive authority
in the sphere of national security and defense. The President of Ukraine is the Chairman
of the Council of National Security and Defense of Ukraine.
Constitution of Ukraine. article 107.
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Andriy Parubiy: On the 1st and the 9th of May we expect a new stage of destabilization from the Russian side

Separatists and extremists might seek another attempt to destabilize the situation in Ukraine on the 1st and the 9th of May. This was communicated by the Secretary of the National Security Council of Ukraine Andriy Parubiy during his press conference at the Parliament.

"According to our intelligence data, the Russian units stationed on the border with Ukraine, carry out internal rotation and demonstrate activities involving not only elements of military operations, but also the elements of intimidation", Andriy Parubiy said. He added that often these operations are meaningless in terms of military tactics; they are, however, intended to demonstrate the presence and provoke Ukrainian border guards and armed forces stationed in border areas to be more proactive.

"Thus, information about reduction or increase of the number of troops of the Russian Federation refers rather to the rotation of units and not to their withdrawal", Andriy Parubiy said.

According to the Secretary of the National Security Council, this information is proven by the fact that that within a distance of 45-50 kilometers from the Ukrainian-Russian frontier the Russian side is building medical aid stations and military camps that might indicate more long-term plans for the Russian troops at the border with Ukraine. "We can acknowledge that their troops continue to be on alert, drill at all polygons that are close to the borders of Ukraine", Andriy Parubiy said and commented that the information expressed by the Russian president regarding the fact that Russian troops were partly withdrawn from the border with Ukraine was not true.

Andriy Parubiy also said that they were managing to stabilize the Ukrainian domestic situation. According to him, operation to destabilize the situation in 8 regions of Ukraine, which was held by the Russian side, as of today is losing its support in these regions. "The goals of their plan to declare of the government’s bodies and to address to the leaders of the Russian Federation, today it’s exhausted; and the number of meetings participants in those areas is reducing with every day," he emphasized.

Meanwhile, the Secretary of the National Security Council said that according to the operational information the next few days the Russian side would change tactics and would hold new provocative actions in the east and south of Ukraine.

Andriy Parubiy also said the Russian side was planning new actions to destabilize the situation in Ukraine. "Having failed to achieve visible success at the level of regional councils, the activists of pro-Russian extremist groups are trying now to work with city, district and even village councils to gain the success in making decisions in favor of the need for a referendum and join the south and east regions to Russia. Even it is now planned to elect the President of "The South-Eastern Republic" and to proclaim him as a parallel government body at the end of April, with the idea that the southeast wants to Russia. Therefore, we predict a new period of the active phase", he noticed.

"According to our information, the active phase could be implemented on the 1st and the 9th of May. Actually, the separatists and extremists will use the date of the 9th of May as the date for the destabilization of the situation in Ukraine", Andriy Parubiy concluded.