The National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine is the coordinating body in matters pertaining
to national security and defense under the President of Ukraine. The National Security and Defense
Council of Ukraine shall coordinate and supervise the activities of organs of executive authority
in the sphere of national security and defense. The President of Ukraine is the Chairman
of the Council of National Security and Defense of Ukraine.
Constitution of Ukraine. article 107.
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Andriy Parubiy: Relocation of military from the Crimea and mobilization of the Armed forces of Ukraine continue

Ukraine carries on relocation of the country’s armed forces, border guards, National Guard units from the Crimea to the mainland, the NSDC Secretary Andriy Parubiy said during his briefing at the Verkhovna Rada.

According to him, more than 2 thousand military men and soldiers of the National Guard have been relocated as of today. "At the same time, about 200 members of the National Guard were left in place to provide security of the prisons and to perform the duties associated with our research institute located in the Crimea", the Secretary of the National Security Council specified.

He also said that there were 805 border guards relocated; they were withdrawn to the mainland of Ukraine and already started to fulfill their duties – to provide border security in the east and south of Ukraine.

Regarding military equipment located in the peninsular, as according to Andiy Parubiy, 41 tanks and 64 vehicles were also withdrawn. "We continue negotiations on withdrawal of other military equipment and our ships to the Ukrainian ports and the mainland of the country", he added.

During the news briefing the Secretary of the National Security Council also updated on the status of mobilization in Ukraine. "As of today, 19,000 soldiers have been mobilized to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The mobilization plan has been fulfilled in 85 per cent scope. The majority of the internal forces, police and border guards are already beyond Perekop; they and their families are placed in military bases. Soldiers started their military service in the mainland Ukraine", Andriy Parubiy said.

In conclusion, the Secretary of the National Security Council said that today the Acting President of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov examined perspective military equipment available at Ukraine’s disposal. "Currently, Ukraine activates its own manufacturing of perspective military equipment that will help not only to retrofit the Ukrainian Army and the National Guard, but will also create a large number of jobs, particularly in the East and the South of Ukraine, where the key military enterprises are located", Andriy Parubiy told.