The National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine is the coordinating body in matters pertaining
to national security and defense under the President of Ukraine. The National Security and Defense
Council of Ukraine shall coordinate and supervise the activities of organs of executive authority
in the sphere of national security and defense. The President of Ukraine is the Chairman
of the Council of National Security and Defense of Ukraine.
Constitution of Ukraine. article 107.
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Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine TURCHYNOV Oleksandr Valentynovych

Doctor of Economic Sciences, professor, member of the National Writers' Union of Ukraine.

Born on March 31, 1964, in Dnipropetrovsk.

1981-1986 - studies at the Dnipropetrovsk Metallurgical Institute.

He began his labor way at the "Kryvorizhstal" steel company where he worked as a mill roller and master of production.

In 1990-1991 - editor-in-chief of the Ukrainian branch of the "IMA-press" information agency.

In 1991 - head of the Institute of International Relations, Economics, Politics and Law.

In 1992, he worked as the Chairman of the Committee of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration.

In 1993, he was appointed an adviser to the Prime Minister of Ukraine on economic issues. He worked on problems of combating the shadow economy and corruption.

In 1994-1998, he was engaged in scientific and teaching work, defended his Ph.D. and doctoral thesis. He was the head of the Institute of Economic Reforms, worked as the head of the research laboratory for the shadow economy of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, and the professor of the Kyiv National Economic University. He was among the first scientists in Ukraine to conduct fundamental research on shadow economy.

In 1998, he was elected a people's deputy of Ukraine. He worked as the Chairman of the Budget Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and headed the parliamentary faction "All-Ukrainian Union "Fatherland". He was the author of the fundamental budget reform and the Budget Code of Ukraine. A steady increase in pensions and wages began at that time.

In 2002, he was elected a people's deputy of Ukraine for the second time. As one of the leaders of the democratic opposition to President Leonid Kuchma, Oleksandr Turchynov coordinates the "Rise up, Ukraine!" protest action. On instructions of the authorities, the Prosecutor's General Office of Ukraine made repeated submissions to the parliament for his arrest for opposition activities .

In 2004, he is one of the leaders of the Orange Revolution. It was Oleksandr Turchynov who headed the executive board of the National Rescue Committee, which ensured the coordination of civil protest actions.

In 2005, he headed the Security Service of Ukraine. For the first time in Ukraine, SSU Chairman Oleksandr Turchynov initiated an investigation into the activity of the gas mafia and corruption of senior officials in Ukraine. Refusing to comply with the requirement of the President of Ukraine to stop the SSU investigation of abuses associated with the President's surroundings, Oleksandr Turchynov submitted resignation.

In the summer of 2007, Oleksandr Turchynov was appointed First Deputy to the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine. In this position, he coordinated the work of the security forces and ensured the end of the escalation of the conflict, preventing civil strife in the country, facilitated organization and holding snap democratic parliamentary elections. As a result of these elections, the democratic forces defeated the ruling Party of Regions headed by Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych and formed a democratic coalition.

In September 2007, Oleksandr Turchynov was elected a people's deputy of Ukraine at snap parliamentary elections.

From December 2007 to March 2010, he worked in the Government as the First Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine.

Since March 2010, he had been one of the opposition leaders to the regime of President Viktor Yanukovych, who illegally changed the Constitution and usurped power in the country. After the imprisonment of Yulia Tymoshenko - the leader of the "All-Ukrainian Union "Fatherland", the largest opposition party of that time, he took over the leadership of the party and ensured the process of unifying opposition forces.

In October 2012, he was re-elected to the parliament.

From November 2013 to February 2014, he was one of the leaders of the Revolution of Dignity, headed the National Resistance Headquarters, which coordinated protest actions on Maidan and throughout the country.

On February 22, 2014, after the fall of the Yanukovych's regime, he was elected Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Due to the self-removal of President Viktor Yanukovych from performing his duties, the parliament imposed on Oleksandr Turchynov the duties of the President of Ukraine and the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In this post, he secured a return to a democratic constitution, restored the system of executive power in the center and regions, provided for the revival of the potential of the Armed Forces of Ukraine de facto destroyed by the predecessors, created the National Guard of Ukraine, and provided for the establishment of the country's effective defense, which allowed to counter the aggressor. He ensured fair and transparent presidential elections as well.

In November 2014, after snap elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, he was elected a people's deputy of Ukraine.

In December 2014, he was appointed the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine by the Presidential Decree.

As the Secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine, he ensures strengthening the defense and security of the country. He launched the revival of the Ukrainian defense-industrial complex. He coordinates strategic defense programs, in particular, the country's missile defense programs.

Moreover, Oleksandr Turchynov ensures coordination of reforming the security and defense sector of Ukraine. Thanks to his efforts and perseverance, the new National Security Strategy of Ukraine, the Military Doctrine of Ukraine, the Concept for the Development of the Security and Defense Sector of Ukraine, the Cybersecurity Strategy of Ukraine, the Strategic Defense Bulletin of Ukraine, the Concept of Reforming and Further Development of the State Management System in a State of Emergency and a Special Period, the Concept of Ensuring Counterintelligence Regime in Ukraine, the Concept of Information Security of Ukraine, etc. were approved. On his initiative, the Law of Ukraine "On Peculiarities of the State Policy on Ensuring the State Sovereignty of Ukraine in the Temporarily Occupied Territories in Donetsk and Luhansk Regions" was elaborated, under which the Anti-Terrorist operation led by the SSU in the Donbas was transformed into the Joint Forces Operation under the leadership of the General Staff, and Russia was recognized an aggressor and occupant.

Despite fierce resistance, he contributed to the return of billions plundered by Yanukovych to the country's budget in order to meet the needs of the Ukrainian army.

Under his leadership, the Main Situation Center of Ukraine under the NSDC of Ukraine was created and the network of situational centers of the security and defense sector, as well as of central and local executive authorities was established.

In the conditions of information and cybernetic aggression, he headed the National Coordination Center for Cybersecurity, which in the short term managed to ensure the security of state information resources and build a system of active counteraction to cyberthreats.

Oleksandr Turchynov is one of the most consistent Ukrainian politicians who takes a stance and adheres to it, calling things as they are, criticizing ineffective leaders of the security forces and providing support for young and prospective officers.

For a clear analysis of the situation in our state's security and defense, he often visits the frontline, in particular, the hottest spots in the east of Ukraine.

He was awarded the Order of Prince Yaroslav the Wise of the Fifth Class for his outstanding contribution to the development of Ukraine's defense and industrial potential and the creation of modern missile weapons, the medal "25 years of Independence of Ukraine", the Diploma of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, as well as many honors from the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Internal Affairs, SSU, HUR MOU, FISU, etc.

Despite the catastrophic lack of time during breaks between meetings and in short moments of rest, he is engaged in creative activities such as writing op-ed articles and fiction. Many articles by Oleksandr Turchynov are published both in Ukraine and abroad. His most famous articles are: "Auto-da-fé", "Libertas", "Apocalypse at the budget expense", "Terrorism. Hybrid War. Russia". His last articles such as "Union with Putin against the Islamic state - an agreement with the devil", "Modern challenges for Ukraine under the world order crisis", "Kyiv's Message to Moscow" are published in the western media "The Washington Post", "The American Interest", "The New York Times". Among his fiction works are: "Illusion of Fear", "Testament", "The Last Supper", "The Advent".

Based on the thriller "Illusion of Fear", the same name movie was released in 2008; it received awards at international film festivals.

Oleksandr Turchynov is married. His wife Turchynova Anna Volodymyrivna is Ph.D., associate professor, dean of the faculty of natural geography and ecology at National Pedagogical Dragomanov University. His son Kyrylo graduated from the Institute of Legislation of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Ph.D. in law; in the most difficult times for our country - from July 2014 to December 2015 - he went to serve as a volunteer in the National Guard of Ukraine.